RMXS / The album formerly known as Remanurefacture

by Liquido Di Morte



Yet another mindless lightning bolt. The original strike was on September 15th and we won't abuse of your time explaining a concept which does not exist. And hopefully never will. Ten seconds from idea to action was the whole of the law.

Ozric Pentacles - AntiteQ remix
First to respond, first to deliver. You know when someone gets dark stuff. At least, we did know.

Liquido di Morte full album - Garaliya remix
Why stick to the classics? Throw the ball down the mountain, run after it and watch your ankles.

In Death Of Space / Of Death In Space - Jukka Reverberi remix
Seventeen hours inbetween wetransfers, the way we like it. Possibly the first time he ever growled (hopefully not the last one).


released April 15, 2015

All material originally recorded at Groove Studio in Casale sul Sile (TV) on daze of confusion February 21st and 22nd 2014 by Tommaso Mantelli and Nicola Manzan
Remixed by AntiteQ, Garaliya and Jukka Reverberi
Mastered by Nicola Manzan, probably at Casa Violenta

Artwork and layout by SoloMacello




Liquido Di Morte Milano, Italy

We play music to take drugs to.

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